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India has always amazed people around with its unique diversity and rich culture. Apart from it�s being a land of religions and dynasties, it has also been looked upon for it�s ethnicity. Temples of India are one major source for such an outstanding ethnicity.
Being a land of beliefs and customs even stones have flourished as gods� and goddesses in India. Citizens here are known for their dedication towards spirituality in several forms. Irrespective of the way they are worshipped, nature out here has its own story of holiness.
In a vast country as such, Telangana & Andhra Pradesh are the two states where one can find real difference from one temple to the other. Difference could be in the artwork the temple has been worked upon or it could be the history of where it originated from. Like already told, every story with respect to any temple spells divinity here.
With a motto of educating it�s people with the rich heritage they possess in the form temples, manatemples.net is a website has been designed. One can call it a ONE-STOP for anything one want to know regarding any alternative temple in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh regions. It gives you first-hand information with respect to any temple in and around Telangana. It need not be famous to be put up here; it just had to be a temple with a god/goddess helping devotees seek a happy positive life.
This website is offered in telugu- Telangana and Andhra Pradesh�s local language as well as in English. It various aspects like travel tourism history of about 600 odd temples. It includes swayambhu temples and ancient temples which have history of almost 30 odd years. It also covers the latest news with respect to any of the covered temples while providing information about the tradition and the important days in Hinduism along with its glorious history.
It�s categorization with respect to these holy places is so vividly done that the sight of it inserts some sought of curiosity in the viewers. Stotras that help you fight the day in day out chaos are so beautifully put up too. In short WWW.MANATEMPLES.NET is a holy website that serves the purpose of knowing our own culture and thus the royal heritage. It not only helps you seek peace the way you want to but also unveils the ancient but yet to be known glory. Greatness of Hinduism is well crafted on the walls of this website. While helping it�s people to understand where the belong to, it enlightens them with the knowledge of the sacredness the two regions have in store. After providing us with a spectacular website that educates us with 600 and above temples, manatemples.net still believes that there are temples the site is yet to discover. Anyone who wants to get any of the sacred places apart from the ones on the website to its notice, one can always drop in the details to info.manatemples@gmail.com.So, feel free to get to this site and visit all the temples virtually at a go.

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